Emerald City

I searched all over Raleigh today to find a dress for our engagement party on Saturday.  I didn’t really need a new dress, but I really wanted one :).  Most of the stores had their fall clothes out, and there were tons of gorgeous sweaters but not very many dresses.  Because our party falls on the first official weekend of fall (and it is still above 90 degrees),  I wanted to find something that would be comfortable but not too summery.

I am in love with the dress that I found!  It is silk and emerald green, and it has an amazing back (that you can still wear a normal bra with!).  I actually tried on the same one in blue earlier in the day, but that store didn’t have my size.  The emerald green was even better because I already have so many blue dresses.  Obviously it was fate (although A might disagree).

Here is the front:

And the back:

I am always hesitant to buy silk, anything with embellishments or any other items of clothing that I could easily destroy.  I decided to do a little bit of research on how to take care of silk garments.

  • Dry cleaning is usually recommended for silk garments, but make sure that your dry cleaner knows to how to clean silk and that it needs to be separate from other rougher garments
  • Handwashing is another method for washing silk.  Use a very mild detergent like Woolite or baby shampoo and maintain a lukewarm water temperature.  Rinse with cool water.
  • Only machine wash if the machine has a special setting for silk.
  • Stains can often be treated in water with a few tablespoons of white vinegar.  For grease stains, sprinkly the area with talcum powder and lay the stained part of the garment on a paper towel until you can get it to a dry cleaner.  (Sounds like first aid to me!)
  • To dry silk, roll it up in a towel and press out the excess water.  Hang fine silk to dry and lay heavier silks flat while they dry.
  • Silk should only be ironed when damp.  Add moisture with a damp cloth and use a low iron setting without steam on the reverse side of the garment.

**I am just going to try to keep all of my silk very clean!  (I should probably find a dry cleaner that I trust too since they call me “Messy Jessie”) 😀

I was so busy running around today (and my pb oats kept my so full!) that I never really got hungry for lunch.  So, I had a pumpkin spice latte.  It was perfect and very fall-like on this 90 degree day.

Thank you, I did “enjoy,” Starbucks barista.  (Please ignore the gum!)

Ofcourse by about 3 o’clock I was very hungry.  Luckily I had a cashew cookie Larabar with me!

My family went out to dinner tonight at one of our usual places to celebrate my cousins birthday.  My family loves food and loves to eat.

We started off with fried pickle chips.  So good, but so greasy.

I had a spinach salad with bacon and warm bacon poppyseed dressing for my meal.  I get it every single time.  It’s so good that I don’t even want to try anything else.

Yup, I definitely won.

We usually get dessert too, but the restaurant was almost completely out of all of their desserts (the nerve!).  So I came home and finished off the bag of m&m’s we had.  My tummy doesn’t feel too good, but I was ultimately doing us a favor, right?! (Hmm, guess I probably should have just gotten rid of them!)  Now I am going to go bake some bread while I wait for A to get home.

Are you all able to keep sweets in the house?  (I usually just end up eating them all, but it can be very hard to resist buying them!)

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