Freaky Eaters

If you have not watched the show Freaky Eaters on TLC, please do.  First of all there is a nutritionist on the show named “Dr. JJ Virgin.”  Yes, I am 23 years old, and I giggle every time they say her name.  The people featured on the show have “addictions” to different foods.  I have seen “Addicted to Sugar,” which I think is probably actually possible (although the lady ate candy bars all day long and she was not obese), but tonight we watched “Addicted to Fries” and “Addicted to Pizza.”  I cannot comprehend how someone can eat only fries, only fries three times a day.  I feel the same way about the pizza.  No one on the show is extremely overweight, but how do they not get sick of that food? It gives me chills to think about.

We had a great dinner (thanks to A’s grilling skills), but I was so distracted by the show that I forgot to take a picture of my dinner until I was all done.  We had ribeyes with A’s special seasoning that he swears he can’t recreate (so many different things in it) and grilled tomatoes and onions that we brushed with olive oil, seasoned and wrapped in foil.  We also each had a glass of Prosecco (my new fave…thanks mom!) on the back deck while the food was on the grill.  I know it’s early, but fall is easily my favorite season.

So here is my plate after the meal (I’m a little bit picky about any fat on meat)…

And I was still a little bit full from all of the m&m’s that I ate this afternoon.  And here is A’s plate…

Chefs should definitely like their own cooking 😀

After dinner we played a little bit of wii golf and then parked our butts back on the couch.  We are working on the whole “eating-at-the-table-and-watching-less-tv” thing, but we are most definitely a work in progress :).  Now to start the homework that I’ve been putting off all day…yuck. 

Kali wants to help me…she’s such a sweetie-pie.

Has any one seen the show Freaky Eaters?  I am very interested to hear other opinions about the show…

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