Serious Sweet Tooth

I love chocolate.  So much.  Toooo much. (As I write this I am sitting here munching from a bag of m&ms that is waaay too big.)

I could take or leave most any food, but not sweets.  Cakes, cookies, pies, icecream…I don’t like to keep anything of the “dessert” nature in our house because I will find it. And I will eat it. All of it.

I had class this morning at 9.  Well, I thought I had class then, but there was a note on the door of my classroom that said my professor was out sick.  Frustrating, but I had to meet with a group in an hour, so I wasn’t too upset.  (And I didn’t read the story that I was supposed to for class, so it was probably a good thing)

And I worked out this morning! Go Jessie…3 days in a row!!  Mornings are definitely the time that I am most likely to work out.  I recently discovered Exercise TV on demand.  Its like having a schmorgas board of gym classes to choose from each morning.  Today I did “10lb slimdown blast” and “6 pack abs.”  The abs video was a little bit cheesy (and I was kind of disappointed that I didn’t get to lay down the whole time), but I like the 10lb Slimdown videos with Chris Freytag.  She’s motivating and energetic but not annoying.

By the time I finished working out I was definitely hungry.  I considered oatmeal, but I couldn’t resist peanut butter and banana on toast again.  It just goes so well with my coffee.

I started out with some of this delicious whole wheat bread from the Fresh Market…

   And I added some of this…

Delicious.  And I ended up with a fantastic breakfast.

…I usually put a little bit more banana on my toast, but the half left over from yesterday was pretty pathetic.  Coffee was perfect, as usual (thank you keurig).

I had an apple pie flavored Larabar for a midmorning snack, so I wasn’t hungry until about 1 this afternoon.   For lunch I had ceasar salad with shredded chicken (leftovers from last night) in a whole wheat pita and some carrots and hummus.

Please excuse my paper plate 🙂 I snuck a few extra carrots too.

Then this afternoon I got in to these…

I really should not allow bags like this in my house (they are leftovers from a party).  So much for that morning workout… :/

Do you have any foods that you consider a weakness?

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