Welcome! My name is Jessie… I am 23, born and raised in North Carolina, and I am trying to finish up school while making a little bit of money and planning a wedding.  I am also committing myself, my fiance and our two dogs (they’re going to do more walking :)) to a healthier lifestyle.

Over the last few years I’ve taken up an interest in health and fitness, but my goals revolved around weight-loss and attaining the “perfect body.”  (What  is the perfect body anyway?!) Since I was 15, I have gone through too many cycles of weight loss and gain too count.  (I definitely did not go about it in the healthiest ways, but more on that later.)   Now that I am getting married and hoping to start a family in a few years, I want to make being fit and healthy an important part of our lives.  I want to live a very long and healthy and happy life with A, my fiance, and our kids, and I want us to be able to model good habits for our future children.

I have finally realized that being healthy and fit is not about dieting or restricting.  I’ve learned that I have to stop listening to that voice in my head telling me that I am “too fat” and “not good enough.”  I’ve stopped weighing myself daily and letting the number on the scale determine my mood for the day.  I am determined to enjoy every single day; and, to do that, I want to feel the best that I possibly can every day.

I realized that we needed to make a change when A and I started to make a habit of getting home from work each day and laying on the couch while we ate for four hours until we went to bed.  And even though we were getting plenty of sleep (we are almost always in bed by 9:30), we were both exhausted every evening.  I was also having trouble sleeping and going to the bathroom (I know, TMI, sorry).  I could honestly picture us in a few years, still sitting on the couch, eating, watching TV, and too tired and grumpy to play with our kids.  (Our family WILL sit down to dinner at the table together.)

So, we have still been sitting on the couch watching TV and eating dinner (working on that!), but it really is an adjustment to go from living by yourself to living with your significant other–mainly in eating patterns!  I’ve really taken an interest in cooking over the last few months too, but, except for dinner, I was eating mostly Lean Cuisines, candy (at work), FiberOne bars, and Zone bars.  My stomach was bloated all the time, and I had no energy to work out (I literally didn’t work out for 2 or 3 months).  I finally came to the realization that I wasn’t eating real FOOD, and I was eating almost no fruits or vegetables.  I think it really hit me when I thought my hair was starting to fall out…I blamed that on a lack of nutrients, and then I found out that several people I knew were very sick.  In reality my hair was just parted in my ponytail funny (yes, I am slightly a hypochondriac), but I decided that we HAD to start eating better and being more active.  I had also heard A say, “I’m fat” a few too many times (he is not the least bit fat), but our habits needed to change.

I am going to chronicle our food and fitness lifestyle makeover (and probably a few other things too).  I am going to cook and learn to slow-down and enjoy real food.  I am also going to stop looking at working out as “chore”…I am so blessed to be able to be active, and we need to take an active approach to our health. 

Have you had any health “wake-up” calls?

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